Don't we all just love wood flooring? Besides its warmth, allure and appeal, it is very durable. Can we also talk about its timeless style? That is top notch! Wood flooring has probably been in existence for many centuries and it does not seem like it is going away anytime soon. For one, it is quite easy to maintain and unlike other types of floors, it doesn't wear out quite easily.

Although hardwood flooring has evolved over the years with the introduction of engineered woods, solid hardwood is still very much in high demand. If we consider its versatility and stain resistance, this does not come off as a surprise. For people susceptible to allergies, we do not know any other flooring that offers better air quality than a hardwood flooring.

While you may want to argue that hardwood floorings are much more expensive than their equivalents, by putting long-term cost into consideration, you will definitely agree that they are cost effective. Their decade-long feat is totally unmatched. What makes them even more unique is their ability to fit into nearly every decor theme.

Laminate flooring.

If there exists an almost perfect simulation of hardwood flooring, then it is probably laminate flooring. Oh, there is more hype! It is relatively cheaper and its maintenance is pretty much a piece of cake. We should also add that they are easy to install and do not pose potential health risks.

Laminate flooring is not only low maintenance but leaves no doubts as regards its durability. It offers so much variety and lasts very long. It is not just stain, fade and moisture resistant, it is virtually resistant to most pets, kids and even your heeled shoes.

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Why VFO flooring?

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