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Why V.F.O.?

We at V.F.O specialize in providing flooring for both commercial and residential clients in LA, Valley, and Ventura County. Aside from Engineered Hardwood we also work with laminate, LVT and many other types of flooring. Come to check out our inventory for deals, or the showroom for special order products. We work very hard to keep special order prices not just “competitive”, but low. We keep our overhead as low as possible and rely on our reputation for repeat business and referrals.

We are proud to say we have the largest showroom in the Los Angeles area for flooring and carpets. For added convenience, we are centrally located and have a warehouse sale parking lot for all who visit. We make things easy for you since we do have an extensive selection! Viewing tens of thousands of flooring options can seem like a lot, but we make it fun. We help break down exactly what you are looking for, which guarantees to find something you like.

Hardwood Flooring for your Home

Perhaps it's time for a remodel and updating of your house. How about a remodel that will transform your home, include lasting value, appeal, and sophistication, and be something you will be proud of? Think of hardwood flooring.

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The best floor is made of wood. Hardwood flooring says "elegance", it says "this is an expensive place". Having wood floors is a luxury you deserve. Wood flooring installation is also a great opportunity for contractors to deliver a better looking project. Notting shows quality the way hardwood floor does.

Usually, wood flooring come pre ended up, this is when the manufacturer applies a surface at the factory. Wood floors are typically easy to tidy with a simple sweep of a dust mop or vacuuming. You will need to secure your wood floors from scratches as much as possible. Get hardwoods.

You will wish to choose a color of the hardwood flooring that will accent your home and furnishings. As a guideline, lighter colors go with country, contemporary and casual settings. Darker colored hardwood floors in Glendale are for formal or conventional interiors. Of course, anything goes! Your decision should be based upon your visual preference.

Lighter wood would be white ash, sugar maple, or southern yellow pine. Darker colors are beech, birch, red oak, heart pine, and mesquite.

You wish to make certain that your hardwood flooring will be able to withstand denting and wear. Of the woods mentioned above, mesquite is the hardest wood, and a southern yellow pine would be the softest. In the middle of these falls the yellow birch, heart pine, and beech.

If you are going to be working with and professional to install your hardwood floors in Glendale make sure you ask for hardwood flooring recommendations. Go take a look at a floor that he has installed. Make certain that he is comfortable dealing with the kind of hardwood floors in Glendale that you want set up.

Make sure that you completely inspect the floor after the installation.

The finish on your flooring will not be that you would discover on fine furniture to go with wood. Deep swirls or sander marks or splotchy areas may indicate that the floor wasn't finished effectively. We have the best materials for your hardwood flooring. Invest in wood for your floors and add value to your whole propierty. Remember, wood floors are always the best floors.

In case you were wondering, hard wood floors come pre ended up, this is when the maker uses a finish at the factory. You will desire to pick a color of hardwood flooring that will accent your home and house furnishings.

You desire to make sure that your wood floor will be able to hold up against denting and wear. If you are going to be working with and a specialist to install your hardwood flooring make sure you ask for references. Make sure that you completely inspect the hardwood floor after the installation.

How much will a new flooring cost?


There are limitless benefits when it comes to flooring. The best floor is made of wood. Hardwood flooring says "elegance", it says "this is an expensive place".

At the top of the list is comparable cost over time. Although a significant investment may be needed to install hardwood flooring initially, it is unlikely that you will ever have to replace it, that would be the worst case scenario. But at the end, experience says you'll be fine. Wood floors are elegant and valuable. Any place with hardwoods of high wood quality, gets added value. From your home to your office, hardwood flooring will make a difference.

It can be sanded down and refinished five, six, even seven times. And, if maintained properly, you won’t have to do it for at least 2 decades. Refinishing a wood floor may be a hard task and troublesome, but most homeowners learn to live with it and to properly maintain their hardwood floors in Glendale. After all, it costs five times as much to replace hardwood floors in Glendale than it does to refinish them. For some people that is reason enough.

Benefits of Hardwood flooring, Laminate and Vinyl flooring

Hardwood flooring: PROS - There are many advantages to choosing hardwood flooring over other types of flooring, including the ability to create an elegant and sophisticated look in your home.

Laminate hardwood flooring: PROS - These are relatively easy to care for, and wood is also very durable. They are ideal for those who want a variety of colors in their floor. Wood is a great choice. There are a large variety of different looks available when using laminate flooring. However, installing laminate flooring can be quite challenging as well. If you are having difficulty installing your laminate floor, or if it looks tacky or cheap, then you may want to consider getting an installer to do the job. Another advantage to installing laminate flooring is the fact that it can add some significant value to your home if you decide to sell. Wood adds grear value! Wood says "this is fancy!" We have the best everyday low price deals per sft in the area. Compare our prices and we'll make you the best offer. Find out our blowour sale prices, they go as low as can be.

Vinyl flooring: PROS - Vinyl flooring looks nice and is relatively easy to clean.

There are a number of different colors available when |choosing vinyl flooring. They are also durable and will look nice no matter what style you choose.

Vinyl flooring additionally can be cheaper than some types of hardwood flooring.

Also installing vinyl flooring can be quite easier. In addition to installing hardwood flooring, professional installers will have to get it sealed, which is something that most companies do not think about when making the installation. However, vinyl flooring can add some unique charm and class to your home, so it is worth considering in many cases.

Choosing the right floor for your home

When you walk into a home improvement store and notice all styles of flooring, you are most likely going to be amazed at the selection that is available to you. From Hardwood Floor, Laminate floors to vinyl Floor and everything in between, you can find the perfect wood flooring for your home. However, choosing the right floor for your home can often be very difficult. Because of this, we recommended that you take the time to do some comparison shopping when purchasing your new flooring options. This way, you can save yourself quite a bit of money by choosing the wrong type of floor for your home. Some homeowners love DIY projects, and others hate them. While they can be cost-effective alternatives to calling in a professional, we don’t recommend the DIY way , usually DIY flooring projects  are bigger headaches than they are worth.

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What’s your favorite type of home flooring? What do you like about it?

Whatever type of flooring you choose, the team at VFO Flooring will walk you through every step, from choosing the material that’s right for your home through the installation, including leveling subflooring, as necessary. Learn about our wide collection.

Inexpensive Flooring - Perfect Choice For The Budget Plan Conscious

Who says you can't buy both laminate floor covering and hardwood floor covering at cheap costs if you are a savvy consumer? Stopped lines are also available as low-cost wood flooring, but you have to make sure that you can get enough of it to complete your room.

You are not sacrificing quality for price when you purchase inexpensive wood flooring. There are numerous well-known retailers that offer inexpensive laminate floor covering to consumers when they have an overrun or excessive inventory in their storage facility. When you go to purchase inexpensive wood floors, you will experience a distinction in that you won't have the ability to put a deposit down and after that gather the floor covering at a later date. When you leave, you will have to pay the full amount upfront and take the hardwood floors in Glendale with you. The retailer may or might not consist of totally free delivery when it offers hardwood or laminate at a cheap cost.

We have the best everyday low price per sqft in the area. Compare our deals, we'll make you the best offer. Find out our blowout sale prices, they go as low as can be.

When you go to a showroom to check the inexpensive wood floor covering available, the sales representative you deal with will still pay the exact same attention to details as if you were buying the hardwood or laminate floor covering at the regular price. If you are not sure whether you want to go with cheap laminate flooring or pick to have hardwood floor, the salesperson will ask you concerns in an effort to help you out.

Another way you can get the inexpensive laminate floor covering you want is to do an online search.

This way you can get to see what the laminate floor covering from each manufacturer looks like, get suggestions on how to install your hardwood flooring, and naturally, compare the costs to get the most affordable one. If you discover a store that has the low-cost wood floor covering you want, you can examine to see whether there is a shop near you or whether the retailer will ship the packages that you require to install low-cost hardwood flooring.

When you buy a cheap laminate covering you can bring the measurements of your space to the retailer.

The hardwood flooring salesperson has the know-how for calculating how many packages of laminate or cheap floors you require to buy.

You can purchase both laminate floors covering and hardwood flooring at cheap rates if you are a savvy shopper. When you go to a showroom to check the low-cost hardwood floors in Glendale offered, the sales representative you deal with will still pay the exact same attention to information as if you were purchasing the wood or laminate floor covering at the regular price. If you find a store that has the inexpensive hardwood floors in Glendale you desire, you can examine to see whether there is a store near you or whether the seller will deliver the bundles that you require to install inexpensive hardwood floors in Glendale.

The sales representative has the expertise for computing how lots of packages of laminate or inexpensive hardwood flooring you require to purchase.

We have the best everyday low price per sft in the area. Compare our deals, we'll make you the best offer. Find out our blowour sale prices, they go as low as can be. Not only de we offer the best everyday low price, we also have the lowest prices all year long. Catch our sale deals per sq ft. We have a wide collection of colors, materials and brands. The price for sq ft in our shop is nothing when you compare to other stores. Your home deserve solid hardwood flooring. Come and ask for a sample and we'll give you free consultation.

Here you'll find the best engineered hardwood flooring at the best price for sq ft. Find your perfect match in our wide hardwood flooring catalogue.

The best floors are wood floors. Hardwood flooring is the best way to add value to a place. Opt for hardwoods of high quality. Looking for good floors? Wood floors are the answer. The best hardwood flooring is in VFO Hardwood Flooring. Get your wood floors today. Any traditional or modern home will improve its value when adding wood floors. Our low price per sq ft can provide you with it. Compare our prices, we have the best sale prices in the whole area. We'll be happy to give you free consultation to choose the best tile, solid hardwood flooring, laminate floors, etc. We have the best colors for your home.