Vinyl flooring has become popular as the choice of flooring for many households. Vinyl floors are slip-resistant and can withstand heat, scratches, spills and high foot traffic to a very large extent.

When the variety of patterns and colors available are also put into consideration, vinyl flooring stands out as a very attractive choice even for especially busy households.

In addition, vinyl floors are very durable (especially those of them with thick wear-layers) and can be installed with or without the help of a professional. Plus, there are several installation methods to serve the purpose the flooring is needed for.

For example, the dryback installation method requires the input of a professional but is solid enough to keep the flooring in place for as long as needed. Except we put into consideration the cost of adhesives and the service of a professional, dryback vinyl planks are really affordable.

On the other hand, the click installation method is often the go-to option for consumers who are pro-DIY. The list goes on and on.

Upfront, vinyl floors may seem quite expensive but considering its durability and long-term cost, it is a relatively cheap flooring option when placed in comparison with other flooring types in the same category.

Water-resistant or Waterproof?

It is no news that vinyl floorings are resistant to water. Water and/or oil spills can be wiped easily without having to worry about damage or a change in the appearance of the flooring.

But then, there’s been debate as to whether or not vinyl floors can withstand enough water to be termed waterproof.

Ideally, every type of vinyl flooring, either sheet vinyl, vinyl tile or plank vinyl is waterproof. This is because they are made from hundred percent (100%) polymer materials. This material makes it possible for vinyl floors to withstand surface water. Vinyl floors can be fully immersed in water, dried and reused without getting damaged.

As opposed to laminate floors, vinyl floors fare well in bathrooms and damp places like kitchens and basements. Plus, luxury vinyl planks give an almost perfect mimic of cut hardwood, without the heavy price tag of course. With vinyl floors, you literally have your cake and eat it.

Also, vinyl floors do not compulsorily require an underlay. This makes them a suitable choice for a truly waterproof floor.

Although vinyl floors are waterproof, they may not survive flooding. In cases where flooding does occur, it is important to test them before reinstallation.

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